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HH Office Hours

when you need support

This monthly subscription service gives you access to 2 live sessions a month with the Mavens of HH to help you navigate through histamine or mast cell mediated issues.

We meet 2 Fridays a month at 9am Mountain Time.


HH Office Hours

The HH Office Hours meets as a group, twice a month. It's all live via online sessions to help you make sense of histamine or mast cell mediated issues. This is where you can ask Luka and Tracey your questions, seek answers from the group, and connect with folks going through the same thing as you. Get the support you need to help address what's driving your histamine mediated symptoms - so you can feel better!

The HH Office Hours is set up as a subscription service, so you can get all the support you need for as long as you need, in order to feel confident in how to navigate feeding yourself.

HH Office Hours is for you if you are:

working on histamine / mast cell stuff

Everyone is biochemically unique. Figuring out how to move forward is different for each person!

tired of having to figure it out on your own

Stop wasting your time on trial and error.

Get answers so you can feel better, sooner.

ready to create safety in the body

When histamine issues are around, the body doesn't feel safe. 

Let's change that.

need support

Our bi-weekly meetups are in group format, where you share your wins, & find answers to your struggles.

It takes a village, friend!

HH Office Hours might not be for you if you...

  • can't join us live​, every 2nd Friday at 9am Mountain Time (there are no replays)

  • find zoom overwhelming: this is the platform we're using for these sessions

  • are expecting a one on one coaching scenario, or individual support. These Office Hours don't replace the depth and scope of support you get in a one on one scenario. It's a group format. We'll do our best to address at least one question from each participant at every session, but cannot guarantee we will get to all of them.

  • don't want to cook for yourself or aren't in a spot right now where prioritizing cooking is possible. Our work is in Holistic Nutrition - it is the main scope of all we do.

Dates for the fall Office Hours sessions, starting at 9am Mountain Time (sign up at any time!):

May 12 & 26    /    June 9 & 23   /   July 14 & 28   /   Taking August off

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