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Welcome to Histamine Haven

Histamine Haven is a resource guide and cookbook designed to share with you the science behind histamine

and mast cell activation, and how, through diet, you can navigate these issues with a bit more ease.


Expect detailed information, helpful tips and tricks to make your kitchen work for you,

and of course, a myriad of recipes to make this a delicious and empowering journey to wellness.


Learn more about histamine issues and how Histamine Haven can help,

and check out our book and resource guide to start your journey today.


Diet can profoundly help you reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life – few people realize you can use diet to reduce almost any symptom, regardless of condition.

- Tracey Reed

Histamine Haven is the brainchild of the dynamic duo of Luka Symons and Tracey Reed, both Holistic Nutrition Professionals. They know this histamine thing on a very personal level - both have figured out how to make food their ally when it comes to managing histamine mediated symptoms.

Luka and Tracey, the Histamine Haven Mavens
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