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Tracey and Luka in the kitchen

Histamine Haven:

The Essential Guide to Histamine and Mast Cell Activation

Histamine Haven is a resource guide and cookbook designed to share the science behind histamine intolerance and mast cell activation disorders.


Histamine can do lots of great things for you, but what about when you have too much?

Can foods high in histamine be contributing to your health problems?

Get to the bottom of what's ailing you and discover a diet that alleviates symptoms with this essential guide to histamine and mast cell activation.

Tracey Reed and Luka Symons, both holistic nutrition professionals, developed this book. They both suffered from unexplained symptoms -- and nothing seemed to help. In this essential guide, they share how changing their diet allowed them to navigate these conditions and symptoms with ease.

This book provides you with detailed information, helpful tips and tricks, and more than 140 easy recipes that lead to a delicious and empowering journey to wellness. 

Check out the videos and words below for a greater sense of what to expect with this book! Especially the bloopers reel...

Histamine Haven: The book

Histamine Haven: The book

Histamine Haven: The book