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Tracey and Luka in the kitchen

Histamine Haven:

The Essential Guide to Histamine and Mast Cell Activation

Histamine Haven is a resource guide and cookbook designed to share the science behind histamine intolerance and mast cell activation disorders.


Histamine can do lots of great things for you, but what about when you have too much?

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Can foods high in histamine be contributing to your health problems?

Get to the bottom of what's ailing you and discover a diet that alleviates symptoms with this essential guide to histamine and mast cell activation.

Tracey Reed and Luka Symons, both holistic nutrition professionals, developed this book. They both suffered from unexplained symptoms -- and nothing seemed to help. In this essential guide, they share how changing their diet allowed them to navigate these conditions and symptoms with ease.

This book provides you with detailed information, helpful tips and tricks, and more than 140 easy recipes that lead to a delicious and empowering journey to wellness. 

Check out the videos and words below for a greater sense of what to expect with this book! Especially the bloopers reel...

Histamine Haven: The book

Histamine Haven: The book

Histamine Haven: The book
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Need low histamine recipes?

Need low histamine recipes?

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Our favourite recipes from the book

Our favourite recipes from the book

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High histamine foods & 'bad foods'

High histamine foods & 'bad foods'

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kind words from
dr. bruce hoffman:

"Tracey and Luka have written an incredibly informative book describing the latest dietary approaches to reduce inflammation and histamine issues which are ubiquitous within today's chronic disease epidemic.


Tracey and Luka have written an easy-to-understand reference book brimming with information and amazing recipes. Thousands of books have been written about a myriad of dietary approaches to well-being, but it is my opinion, that follow the paleo low histamine diet covers the majority of issues that arise within individuals suffering from complex multi-symptom illness.


A must read!"

Dr. Bruce Hoffman

Owner of The Hoffman Centre for Integrative and Functional Medicine, Co-author of the paper Diagnosis of mast cell activation syndrome: a global "consensus-2" with Dr. Lawrence Afrin

Kind words from malcolm saunders:

"The knowledge and recipes in this book hold a key solution to regaining your health!  Tracey and Luka have done humanity a great service by diving deep into this critical topic.

This book contains expert guidance, volumes of referenced research, and an abundance of absolutely delicious recipes. From the content of these pages, you will no longer have to guess what the hidden causes of your symptoms are, and you will know exactly how to work your way out and through the health challenges you have struggled with by simply being in your kitchen.

This book is a must for all serious seekers of health regardless of whether you suffer from histamine intolerance or mast cell activation syndrome."

Malcolm Saunders

Co-owner of Light Cellar

Author of the books Elixir Life: Modern Nutrition Meet Ancient Herbal Wisdom and Chocolate Life: the Alchemy of Cacao for Flavour, Function, Feeling

Histamine Haven is:


  • low histamine

  • low lectin

  • low salicylate

  • low oxalate

  • low mold

& fits in with an AIP approach.​

Our 3 stage protocol includes:


  • mast cell stabilizing foods

  • nutrient density for histamine clearance

  • immune support

  • gut & microbiome support

  • how to detox safely

  • how to build your safe haven

& ​supports you in your self-discovery journey.

It's time for you to feel better.

Purchase our book at your favourite retailer around the world,

or purchase directly from a link below.

*Direct purchase available to ship to Canada and the U.S. only.

Everyone else, you may wish to order our book from your favourite local retailer, or shop at your favourite online retailer.

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