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Here at Histamine Haven, our goal is to empower you to know how food and nutrition can be of support to you, when histamine is a part of the picture.

We have written an essential guide to help you better understand what is happening in the body when histamine and/or mast cell activation is a part of the picture. While we wait for publication, we have built online programs to take you through some of the work outlined in our upcoming guide + cookbook.

We will be building courses and group programs as the days go by here.

Make the histamine connection

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Free Live Class 
Jan 10, 7pm MT

The role histamine plays in your respiratory system. Think lungs, nose, sinuses, esophagus, bronchioles, etc. Includes a Live Q&A at the end. Register here.

Start Here - The Histamine Connection

This free Master Class helps you understand how histamine is connected to your symptoms and helps you gain control of your own health.  Instant access to the video. Click on image below to register and we'll email the video link.

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First Steps

This self-paced program is about empowering you to put those first things in place to reduce your histamine-mediated symptoms.  Click on the image for more information and registration.

First Steps.png

HH Office Hours

A monthly subscription service where twice a month, we have open Office Hours. Bring your questions, frustrations, or join if you need help in figuring out this histamine or mast cell piece to the puzzle. Click on the image for more information and registration.

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Food Foundations

This on-demand program is about understanding the role food plays in stoking inflammation in your body, and how this ties in to histamine. Click on the image below for more information & registration.

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Kitchen Haven 101

This group program will be about preparing your kitchen to be your safe haven. This is the prep work for Stage 1 of the Histamine Haven protocol. Click on the image below for more information, waitlist and registration.

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