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Here at Histamine Haven, our goal is to empower you to know how food and nutrition can be of support to you, when histamine is a part of the picture.

We have written an essential guide to help you better understand what is happening in the body when histamine and/or mast cell activation is a part of the picture. We have built online programs to take you through some of the work outlined in our guide + cookbook.

On your mobile, we start with special live events and follow with our regular courses. On your computer, look for special live events on the left, and our regular courses and programs on the right.

Start here.

This free Master Class helps you understand how histamine or mast cells are connected to your symptoms and helps you gain control of your own health. 

Our next Live Class (with Q&A) is coming up

on March 21, 2024 at 10.30am MT.

Our topic: Pain

Do you struggle with chronic pain? Pain that pops up some days, is ok on others, and you're not sure why? Wondering how histamine and mast cell mediated issues may relate to your pain? Let's talk about the connection between histamine and mast cell issues and symptoms like chronic pain, pain associated with EDS, pain associated with urination, pelvic or vulvar pain, pain with PMS and menstrual pain, pain associated with ME and Fibromyalgia, and more.

All live on zoom, accessible to all. Includes a live Q&A at the end and replay link to follow.

Register here.

First Steps

This self-paced program is about empowering you to put those first things in place to reduce your histamine-mediated symptoms.  Click on the image for more information and registration.

Cost: $49 CAD

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