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First Steps

to help you figure out histamine

This self-paced program is about empowering you to put those first things in place to reduce your histamine-mediated symptoms.   


You have decided to take the first step to help you get better and address the histamine piece.

We’re so glad you are here. Congratulations on making a decision to positively change your health.

This program are your first steps to lowering histamine in your body.

Let's make sense of it all in a practical way so that you can reduce your most bothersome symptoms.

This class pairs well with The Histamine Connection.


Check out the video above, to get a sense of what you can expect. Once you register, you get lifetime access to the content!  $49 CAD.

build your base

Top hacks you will use all the time to keep it low histamine.


Let's simplify your trip to the grocery store.

how to eat

Let's talk foods, nutrients and how to replace your favourites.

goal setting

Let's identify what you want to change, and how to achieve that

You are ready.

Instant access to content upon registration.

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