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Homeopathic Support for Detox and Drainage

This week on the blog, we have a very special guest, Barb Wallace.

Barb is a Classical Homeopath and practices on the land of Treaty 7 Territory, commonly known now as Calgary Alberta.

Barb is certified in Homeopathic Detox and Human Chemistry. She is a wealth of knowledge, and a trusted colleague here at Histamine Haven. Thanks Barb for heeding our request for an exploration on how homeopathy can be of service in the picture of detox support when you have histamine and/or mast cell issues!

Part 1 of this article gives an overview of how homeopathy can help in the picture of detox support.

In part 2, we asked Barb some specific questions we thought would be on the minds of our community here at Histamine Haven.


Homeopathy can help with detox by offering organ drainage and support via homeopathic remedies in low potency or Mother Tincture.

As homeopaths, we look at the entire person and body – and determine which organ or body system is in most need of support.

Homeopathy has the ability to support and detox any organ or body system and is gentle, safe and effective.

The liver, one of the most important organs of our body, helps to detox chemicals, metabolize drugs, regulate hormones, clean the blood, and aid digestion.

If your symptoms point towards needing liver support OR you have embarked on a health journey but are not seeing results, we can help determine which organ is in need of support and offer that support.

Another example: Continual bladder infections may indicate that Berberis vulgaris in low potency is needed to support the urinary system before other remedies or treatments can be effective.

We live in a toxic world with toxic substances and at times, our bodies become over-loaded and unable to detox by themselves.

Pharmaceutical medications such as steroids, corticosteroids, anti-biotics, anti-depressants, ant-acids, etc. can all be detoxed gently and thoroughly from the body employing homeopathic remedies in a specific manner.**

**Homeopathic detox/organ support should only be done under the guidance of a certified homeopath who has trained in homeopathic detox therapy.


From a homeopathic perspective, what is indicated when detox work is sluggish, or hampered?

When working with a client, I look for those tell-tale signs that invite me to dig a bit deeper, and wonder if the patient's system might need help in supporting healthy detox in the body.

I look for constipation, bladder infections, headaches, brain fog, and sometimes behavioral issues as well. When I see inflammation in the mucus membranes, it's an indication that detox support may be warranted in the patient's case.

What is meant by 'opening up the detox pathways', or 'opening up the drainage pathways'?

Opening up the detox pathways refers to the body’s ability to have a clear drainage or pathway to detox safely – through urine, stool, perspiration, blood, skin. It's exactly what it sounds like!

Homeopathic remedies can be a wonderful help in making sure these detox pathways are open and unobstructed.

Why is it so important to have these pathways open?

If we have blocked pathways, the body cannot rid itself of the toxins that accumulate naturally (and by what is ingested or absorbed).

This means you tend to keep the toxins inside the body, where they can create havoc on our body systems. This has the potential of contributing to further disease/illness.

How does homeopathy help with opening up drainage pathways?

Homeopathy looks at the specific symptoms the person is experiencing, and how those symptoms affect them on many levels: mentally, physically and emotionally.

We give a remedy that is based upon the organ or body system, AND one that matches their symptoms exactly.

For example, a child has chronic constipation; there are 100 remedies that fit this symptom.

The homeopath will elicit symptoms that describe how the child is experiencing the constipation – is there pain? Gas? Do they cry? Do they try and avoid going to the washroom? What is the stool like – color, smell, shape? What makes their constipation better? Worse? What is their diet like? How is their thirst? etc.

All these questions lead the homeopath to a specific remedy for the child that when given, initiates the body into balancing itself and resolving this symptom.

For people who struggle with histamine mediated symptoms, or have mast cell involvement, it is important to be gentle and create a sense of safety for the body. Why might Homeopathy be such a great support here?

Homeopathy is gentle and safe, and allows the body to heal itself. If a homeopath sees a lack of histamine response, or sees a scenario where there is too much histamine response, we can give Histaminum in potency (homeopathic form) that will allow the body to balance its histamine level that is released from mast cell and basophils.

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and safe for all ages, from infants to 90 year olds. Homeopathic remedies come in various strengths (potencies) that allow us to match the strength to the person. It's why it's so important to work with someone who is skilled in this area, to make sure you are getting the correct remedy to address what is going on!

From a homeopathic perspective, what types of things do you look for in your patients when histamine or mast cell issues seem to be on the table?

A homeopath always tries to address the root cause of the histamine symptoms so that healing can begin there.

For example, antibiotics can contribute to an imbalance in the intestinal flora, leading to leaky gut. This can then potentially contribute to an over-stimulation of histamine release via the mucosa.

As a homeopath, we can detox those antibiotics that were taken in the past. We also give remedies that address the leaky gut and reduce the histamine response that way.

We also have the potential to address the acute symptoms that are showing up: hives, wheals, itchiness, migraines, etc. Again, we take each symptom and examine it closely with the client in order to give a specific remedy based on the client’s symptoms.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the immune system so the body can restore balance – the remedies instigate these changes. Homeopathy does not work by suppressing symptoms, but rather by allowing the body to work through a symptom.

Other things we will look for when we suspect a histamine or mast cell involvement: a low level of Vitamin D can indicate a histamine problem. We also examine the Gastric system and see if there is a correlation there, as the gut is so keenly involved in histamine metabolism. We will definitely ask about mold exposure.

Mast cell symptoms can include: vomiting and nausea, diarrhea, exhaustion, hives and rashes, asthma flares, swollen lymph nodes, memory issues, markings/spots that look like bites on the body.

How do you determine where your patient needs detoxification support? 

Symptoms always determine what a patient need. Homeopathic remedies are chosen based on the individual’s symptoms and how they experience those symptoms.

From there, we see what organ or body system is involved and offer the detoxification support required.


Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom and knowledge with us, Barb. We are so grateful! It's clear that homeopathy can be such a wonderful ally to the person working through histamine or mast cell mediated symptoms, especially in the ability to really pinpoint exactly where the individual needs support.

Barb helps individuals restore health and balance using individualized, natural medicine to support the WHOLE person, not just the disease.

She sees patients worldwide in-person, by video or by phone. Get in touch with Barb at

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