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How Much Time Have You Wasted Trying to Figure Out Your Health?

Is it safe to say that every single person with histamine or mast cell activation health concerns has had to spend a long time figuring it all out?

We are going to wager that the answer is yes.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My doctor can’t explain my symptoms.

  • My allergist just told me to take antihistamines forever.

  • I’m on a bunch of medications just to manage my symptoms but I’m not improving.

  • Some prescriptions I’ve tried didn’t work the way they were supposed to.

  • Some herbal remedies made things worse.

  • Some dietary recommendations made things worse.

  • My family doctor told me my symptoms were all in my head.

  • My blood work is all normal.

  • I’ve seen all kinds of specialists, but they can’t find anything wrong with me.

  • Some manual treatments like physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments or osteopathy made things worse.

  • Treatments just don’t seem to work the way they are supposed to.

Maybe when you started looking for answers you were hoping for a quick fix. You didn’t want to spend 18 months doing the work to figure things out. But you did. 18 months? Really?

How about 18 years or longer? How long has it been since your symptoms first showed up?

Everyone’s timeframe is different, but the commonality is that it is longer than you would have liked.

⏩ You’ve exhausted everything your family doctor could provide.

⏩ You have seen specialists. ⏩ You have explored alternative modalities. ⏩ You have tried different diets.

All of these situations are frustrating.

We’ve been through it too.

We know.

How long it took Luka: “...trying to figure it all out since I was 12, which would have been 1985. I didn’t piece together that all my symptoms were one thing until I figured it out myself in 2017 or so, maybe 2018. And only because of self-propelled research.

Did loads of medications along the way, and many doctors’ visits / NDs / massage / TCMs / body talk / acupuncture / mental health support / psychologists. Countless supplements and different pieces that never quite came together until I started realizing the gut piece... and starting with gut repair is where it became all so clear. It initially highlighted the problem - but then also showed me the way. Getting better since then. Still up and down some days, but more good days than bad.”

How long it took Tracey: “...knew something was deeply wrong in my early 20s, probably in 1992. I saw a whole bunch of different doctors in my 20s – both conventional and alternative. No one had any answers. I went through all kinds of treatments and nothing helped improve my health, but occasionally herbals would make things worse.

After studying to become a Nutritional Consultant in 2013- 14 my attempts to fix things started in earnest again. Again, tried all kinds of practitioners. I finally started to suspect MCAS in 2017 after working with clients who had it and having had to dig into the research. I got the diagnosis in 2019, after almost 30 years of exploring...”

Do our stories sound familiar?

It’s like being in a dark room and blindly having to find your way out. But you want to be free of that dark room. You just keep trying to find a way out. You want to feel better.

Finally, there was a light. You finally made it to a practitioner who understood. You have done countless hours of your own research to get here. Or you don’t have a diagnosis yet, but your symptoms match those of histamine intolerance or mast cell activation. You are moving ahead as best you can, on the assumption that you are on the right track.

⏩ How many hours have you spent with doctors or other practitioners?

⏩ How many hours have you spent searching for your own answers?

⏩ How many hours have you spent trying to figure out what you can eat?

⏩ How much time have you wasted eating the wrong foods?

So much time is gone that could have been used more wisely. You could have been feeling better and doing the things you enjoy. It took each of us decades to figure it out. Countless hours of research and trial and error.

We hope being here at Histamine Haven provides the resources to make the use of your time more efficient.

That’s our goal.

We wanted to take all those years and years that we had to spend to figure out our own health issues, combine it with what we learned through that process using our skills as nutrition professionals, and create a place where you could come for reliable resources and simple strategies to help.

We can’t replace your doctor. We can’t recommend pharmaceuticals. It’s not that we don’t think they aren’t important; it’s just not what we do.

What we can do is support you through the changes you need to make in your diet, and some of the supplement and lifestyle changes that help as well.

⏩ We want to save you time.

⏩ We want to save you effort.


3 Time Saving Strategies

  1. Start by joining our Online Community and watching The Histamine Connection Master Class. These are cost-free, and available to all. This is your village!

  2. After watching the Master Class, decide if Food Foundations or Kitchen Haven 101 is the best fit for you. We'll give you the questions to ask yourself to figure this piece out in The Histamine Connection.

  3. Register for a program to save time figuring out food on your own.

Listen, here at Histamine Haven, we've got you.

It’s important that you discuss any changes you make with your doctor.

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