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Take Stock of Your Toxic Exposure

One of the triggers to MCAS are toxins. Not only that, they further impede your ability to clear out spent histamine.

We’ve been spending recent weeks discussing different strategies to support your body’s detoxification to help you clear out this potential trigger.

Equally important is recognizing where your toxic exposure is coming from. You can do all kinds of work to clear toxins from your body, but if you continue to have exposure to toxins, the load on your liver is never ending.

Step 1: Take Stock of Your Environment

  • Do you live in a large city? What are pollution levels like?

  • Is your home on a busy traffic route?

  • Does your job expose you to mold, heavy metals or other toxic substances? Mining? Pulp and paper industry? Coal mining?

  • Do you have a hobby that exposes you to toxins? Painting? Finishing furniture?

  • Is your home or workplace contaminated with mold? Has there been water damage in the past? Is there an air conditioning unit with mold inside?

These are big questions to ask yourself. If you want to take control of your symptoms, it might be time to consider making some decisions about where you live and what you do for work and in your free time. In the case of mold, you may need remediation done by mold specialists or you may even need to move to a different home or job if the mold is pervasive.

Big changes are hard to make, but ultimately can mean a big improvement to your health.

What’s keeping you from making a big change?

Step 2: Take Stock of Your Products

While moving or changing jobs may not be a decision you are ready to make today, starting to take stock of what types of products you use for cleaners in your own home, or personal care products can be a great starting point. Consider...

  • Using natural body care products like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant, lotions, makeup, or any other products you use. For women who are menstruating, organic menstrual products should also be considered.

  • Purchasing a natural laundry soap.

  • Replacing dryer sheets with toxin free alternatives like dryer balls, or drying outdoors in fresh air.

  • Using natural household cleaners.

  • Using a good quality air purifier, especially in your bedroom.

  • Wearing clothing that doesn’t need to be dry-cleaned or choose safer dry-cleaning methods.

  • Switching to organic bedding materials, such as sheets, pillows, duvets, and blankets.

  • What about mattresses? Choosing one made from natural products is the best choice. You spend a lot of time in your bed, so having a toxin free bed is a good investment.

Many of the products you are using daily may have toxins. If you aren’t already using clean, toxin free products, visit a local health food store or check out

Step 3: Take Stock of Your Food

Another area that can be supportive to your body, especially in reducing your liver's toxin load is what you consume every day. Consider...

  • Drinking filtered or spring water.

  • Consuming as much organic produce as your budget allows.

  • Consuming as much grass-fed or pastured meat as your budget allows.

  • Using supplements that are free of additives, fillers, and common allergens.

  • Requesting your pharmacist provide you with compounded versions of medications so they don’t contain additives, fillers, and other excipients.

  • Storing food in glass or stainless-steel containers. Stay away from plastic which can leach toxins into foods.

Anything you ingest can contribute to your toxic exposure. What are you consuming?


Restock and Rethink

You now have these 3 checklists to help you take stock of some of the most common toxic exposures.

Take some time right now to check off the items that you are already succeeding at.

What are you currently using or consuming that you can restock in an upgrated, less toxic version?

Are there any big decisions you need to make?


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