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The Right Kind of Doctor

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

We have one last teaser to share with you from our book.

We have spent the last three and a half years working on our guide and cookbook to help you better make your way through your days when it comes to histamine and mast cell mediated issues. Our goal: for you to feel better, and empower yourself to help manage your symptoms.

Let's talk seeking support from the Medical Field

While there are some mainstream doctors knowledgeable about histamine intolerance or MCAS, you will likely need to seek an integrative or functional doctor for the deep support needed. Functional practitioners can be either medical doctors or naturopathic doctors, who in addition to their medical training, have studied functional medicine.

Functional medicine focuses on finding and addressing the root cause of disease. It asks why! Why are you having symptoms?

“Why” is an important question because the reason for your symptoms may be completely different from someone else who has the exact same symptoms. If two people have different reasons for the same symptoms, it only makes sense that they will need a different treatment approach.

This differs significantly from a traditional, modern medicine approach. The current medical model focuses on symptom management: what treatment will help the patient feel better? It is based on an outdated approach that developed from an infectious disease model. With infectious diseases, giving someone a pharmaceutical that helps to kill the infection works very well. Applying this model to chronic health conditions may not work as well. Giving someone pharmaceuticals will only mask or manage symptoms.

We don’t want to sound like we are bashing our medical system. There are many brilliant things our current system does in keeping us well and alive, but managing chronic conditions is not one of them.

If you are reading this article, you are already taking an active, empowering step towards your own wellness. Finding the right doctor or practitioner (or group of practitioners) can help you further take your health into your own hands.

Why it's about more than just food

We’ve put the word “essential” in the title of our book for a reason. We want you to have all the information you need to navigate your way to feeling better. That’s why we added “the essential guide and cookbook to histamine and mast cell activation.”

It’s not just about food.

If you want to know what questions to ask your doctor, or what lab tests can be helpful to explore with your doctor, you’ll find it all in our book.

That and more.

You can purchase the book now, so that you can get those answers you are seeking.

Click on the button below!

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