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Struggling to Sleep?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Sleep is so important!

If histamine is keeping you awake, you will know how elusive a good night’s rest can be. Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep are common symptoms of HIT and MCAS.

If you have explored sleep with your doctor you may have been told you have insomnia, or even sleep apnea.

Histamine acts as the neurotransmitter that signals wakefulness (1). But if you have high histamine levels, then it can be keeping you from falling asleep or staying asleep. This results in you never feeling as rested as you’d like.

Where can you start?

There are sleeping tips that might help: blackout curtains, white noise to block external sounds, having a bedtime routine, set a bedtime & stick with it, avoid blue light before bedtime… but none of these strategies address the fact that high histamine is contributing to your sleeplessness.

Have a good look at your bedroom.

Is there anything that could be triggering histamine or mast cell symptoms?

Do you have electronics in your bedroom giving off EMFs?

Is your bedding made of something that could be an allergen-like trigger such as down or wool? Mattresses and bedding can be full of chemicals. Do you have natural, chemical free bedding and mattress? You spend a lot of hours in bed, so make sure it isn’t contributing to the problem.

You want your bedroom to be a Histamine Haven – a safe place where you can slumber without worrying about triggering histamine release.

The more you can get your histamine levels under control, the better you will sleep! Dietary management, along with all the different strategies outlined in our upcoming book will help you do that.

Keep your eyes open for updates on the book! Or better yet, get started on some of the good stuff available up in our Online Community. Want to learn more about histamine issues, and how it can play in to your symptoms you experience on a daily basis? Join our online community by clicking here. Loads of printable resources, a Master Class on the Histamine Connection. It's free to join!

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