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What Are The Costs of Going It Alone?

You are fed up with your symptoms. You are scared you will never feel better or get rid of your symptoms.

You are tired of spending money on different wellness approaches.

The hardest part isn’t the expense, the fear or the frustration. The hardest part is doing it alone. Whether you are seeking answers for yourself or a loved one such as your child, the burden of making decisions and following advice falls to you.

Ask yourself what you have lost:

  • Time. How long have you been searching for answers?

  • Hobbies. Are there activities you just don’t have the energy for anymore?

  • Connection. Do the people in your life understand what you are going through?

  • Job. Have you had to go on short-term or long-term disability because you can’t work?

  • Money. What has been the financial cost of lost time at work or seeing practitioners?

  • Support. Have friends’ or colleagues’ support fallen away over time?

  • Freedom. Does your health feel like a burden that limits you?

  • Spiritual crisis. Why is this happening to me?

  • Are there other hidden costs – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual... -- that we haven’t listed?

Even if you have found a brilliant practitioner who understands what you are going through, you are the one having to make the dietary and lifestyle changes. It’s lonely. No one else you know must make these changes.

It is isolating when your friends want to go out to eat and you feel you can’t. It can feel overwhelming to make your voice heard when you are the only one at work communicating the need for an unscented environment.

Maybe your family doesn’t support you wanting to reduce EMFs in your home. Everyone wants access to WiFi 24 hours a day.

Does it feel like you have been fighting for your health alone? Could you use more allies in your journey?

Join us and our online Community.

We can provide you with the support and the community you need.

You don’t have to go it alone:

  • We can help make better use of your time by providing resources you need in one place.

  • We can help you figure out what questions to ask your doctor

  • We can help you find other types of practitioners to can help.

  • We can help you understand what is happening in your body.

  • We can be a set of ears to hear your troubles.

  • We can support your dietary changes with an abundance of delicious recipes.

  • We can help you feel better so you can gain back some of the things you’ve lost.

Once in the Community, start by watching The Histamine Connection Master Class.

We look forward to meeting you there. Once you are there, introduce yourself in the chat.

Others just like you are waiting to meet you too.

See you soon, Luka & Tracey

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